About Us – Orner Import Solutions Ltd.

Orner Import Solutions company provides expert solutions for a diverse range of needs in the fields of import, export and international commerce. The company was founded by Avner Buchris, leveraging on his extensive and rich experience in the field of international logistics since the 1990s. Buchris currently serves as the company's CEO, and has a proven record of successfully cutting shipping costs without detracting from the quality of the service supplied to the company's clients.

The secret of Orner's success over its years of lucrative operations is based on the close ties the company maintains with influential parties in the import and export processes. Representing both importers and exporters allows Orner to cut costs and obtain the best price and finest service for each client, while overcoming difficulties that arise, and adhering to schedules.

The Orner Team:

High quality service, professionalism, full service import and export support, streamlining workflows and increasing the profitability of your business – these were our goals when we built our company's winning team. At any time, the Orner team is ready and willing to provide assistance through customized and creative solutions to any problem or need you face, whether small or large.

Our vision

based on expertise and continued specialization in the field of commerce, we will improve the efficiency of import and export processes, cut costs, prevent problems and solve difficulties – in order to increase our clients' profits.