Custom Clearance

The State of Israel's import laws are complex, as are all the related import processes. Product classification is one of the obstacles that must be overcome in the complicated procedure for the release of products from customs. As many importers who did not make the proper preparations have discovered – improper classification can result in unexpected customs costs that may have a negative impact on the economic feasibility of the entire deal.

To protect our clients from unexpected expenses, we have established a team of classification experts that will help every importer know in advance the classification of the product the importer wishes to import, and most importantly – the projected customs duties that are applicable.   
A professional customs agent working on behalf of Orner Import Solutions is an expert with extensive experience and know-how in product classification, who is certified to represent our clients' import needs in their contacts with the Israeli customs authorities. His role is to represent the importer before the customs authorities, to conduct all the complex procedures related to importing, and to accompany the importer throughout the various processes in the logistic chain until the longed for permits and approvals are obtained: Standard Institute approval, approval from the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Communications and more.

Orner's Customs Clearance service is not just another service, but is highly recommended in order to prevent problems, headaches, unnecessary work and unanticipated expenses.
Orner Import Solutions Ltd. provides an array of import and export related services, with the goal of making these complex processes simpler, more efficient, cost saving and much more profitable. Based on the budget at your disposal and in full accordance with your needs, our skilled experts will assist you in completing all the stages of international trade processes: ocean transport, air freight transport, import and export courier services, large and small cargo drops, customs clearance and tracking of third-party transactions .

Thanks to the wide professional umbrella we provide, every importer that enjoys our services benefits not only from time savings, but also from handsome profits, since Orner operates based on a Win-Win method. The company's close ties with influential parties involved in import and export processes, and our representation of both importers and exporters, enable us to cut costs and obtain the best price and finest service for each client, while creatively dealing with difficulties that arise along the way and adhering to schedules.

The company's services are provided to importers and companies conducting cyclical recurring importing activities.